Who is 11811?

What does he need saving from?

So many questions.

In the landmark science fiction film Metropolis, society has become divided into two worlds – the “masters” who live on the surface, and the “workers” who are given numbers instead of names, and who toil underground providing the energy that allows the masters to enjoy the luxury of their Pleasure Gardens.

Infatuated with a young woman, Freder, the son of the ruler of Metropolis, follows her to this underground world. A world of impossible machines and backbreaking 12-hour days. Here Freder saves a worker as he passes out from exhaustion at his machine. Freder offers to change places with the worker, and the men exchange clothes. As the worker is about to leave, Freder pulls the worker’s cap on his head. Sewn on the cap is the workers name ~ 11811.